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Our Team

Lipok Social Foundation (LSF) now has a team of 4 staff and 12 full -fledged volunteers led by Joy Daniel and Ruma Daniel. Joy Daniel has played an active role in several national and international networks to promote policies and regulations in favour of small farmers and peasants who practice organic farming. He has been associated with International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) for close to two decades in addition to other networks such as URGENCI International, PGS Organic Council (India), and Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI).  Joy Daniel has earlier worked with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GiZ in some other countries of Asia prior to his grassroots work in India. Ruma Daniel comes from the pristine Northeast India known for the rich biodiversity, distinctive but varied cultures, and traditional organic farming practices. She brings with her years of experience in management and enterprise development, and knowledge on gender and grassroots context. Each of the volunteers have vast knowledge and skills in organic farming, water conservation, livelihoods, and micro-enterprise development. The team works together on an open and flat platform, with less of hierarchy and where skills and resources are shared for the common welfare of the communities at stake.

Advisory and Support Team

Our interventions are constantly navigated by the grassroots people - small farmers, peasants, and marginalized groups. We also get the support and advise from people who relentlessly work with grassroot communities elsewhere in the country. Our key advisers are -

Subiksha Vivekanandan

Armed with a certificate in Mass Communication from Oklahama City University, USA, alongside various other degrees, and years of experience in the virtual world, Subiksha decided to barter her comfortable life in Singapore to live and work with the tribal folk in Southern India. Adapting to a sustainable lifestyle, she has devoted her life to make life better for the ones who are growing our food while also conserving our forests, rivers, and the natural ecosystem. She is in Lipok team advising and supporting our interventions with the tribal folk in Southern India.

Anand Jesudas

Anand shed his $$$$$ pay checks and his geeky image to get on the ground and grow peas, millets, and veggies for a sustainable living. By doing so, he learned about what it takes to eke out a humble living from farming alone. He has a scientific temperament (No wonder, he holds a PhD in Electronics from Nanyang Technological University – among the top-ranking universities of the world!!) and rejects the norms of food production and consumption for good reasons. He is constantly striving to figure out ways to make farming and markets positively impact the lives of small farmers and peasants. Anand helps the Lipok team in building capacities of farmer groups and mobilizing partnerships in South India.