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Lipok Social Foundation (LSF) now has a team of 3 staff and 12 full -fledged volunteers led by Joy Daniel and Ruma Daniel. Joy Daniel has played an active role in several national and international networks to promote policies and regulations in favour of small farmers and peasants who practice organic farming. He has been associated with International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) for close to two decades in addition to other networks such as URGENCI International, PGS Organic Council (India), and Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI). Ruma Daniel comes from the pristine Northeast India known for the rich biodiversity, distinctive but varied cultures, and traditional organic farming practices. She brings with her years of experience in management and enterprise development, and knowledge on gender and grassroots context. Each of the volunteers have vast knowledge and skills in organic farming, water conservation, livelihoods, and micro-enterprise development. The team works together on an open and flat platform, with less of hierarchy and where skills and resources are shared for the common welfare of the communities at stake.