Covid Response

The Corona crisis with the lockdown and loss of livelihoods has further marginalized several disadvantaged groups - the peasants, migrant labour, daily wagers, destitute persons, disabled persons, and the elderly. It is estimated that at least around 15% or at least 20 families in every village is either in starvation or struggles for their basic essentials. The numbers are higher among the migrants and daily wagers in Aurangabad city suburbs. 


Empty bellies and lives at stake

Choices are difficult. Feed the belly or stop the spread of Corona. With the little they have, they would feed the children or they would starve. What could be left for the sanitizers, soaps, masks, water storage vessels, gloves, and whatever else that is required to stop the spread of Corona? Your choice matters in helping them stop the spread of Corona. 800 Rupees per month will ensure a Hygiene Kit for the  family  with the basics that include -

  1. Mask 5
  2. Dettol 1 litre
  3. Gloves 5
  4. Sanitizer 3 litres
  5. Soaps 5 units

..... and more.


.. and more empty bellies

The curfew, continuous lockdown, and the physical distancing have posed great challenges for the peasants, migrants, agricultural labourers, daily wagers, elderly, and the disabled persons to even acquire their essential commodities. If they fill their stomachs, they are better able to stave off the virus and break the chain. Your choice matters. 2000 Rs per month will help a family of 5 members get a dry grocery kit that includes -

  1. Wheat flour 15 kgs
  2. Rice 4 Kgs
  3. Sugar 1 Kg
  4. Salt 1 Kg
  5. Tur dal 2 Kg
  6. Mung dal 1 Kg
  7. Masoor dal 1 kg
  8. Tea powder 250 gms
  9. Harbara dal 1 Kg
  10. Chilly powder 250 gm
  11. Turmeric powder 50 gm
  12. Cooking oil 3 litres

.... and more

Yes. Help Make Your Choice.